What is the best part of Summer?
What is the best part of Summer?
Spending it at Redwood Swim Club. Plan now to make the most of your Summer. Redwood Swim Club is the place to be.
What can you do in March, April or May that will make your Summer the best ever?
What can you do in March, April or May that will make your Summer the best ever?
Get a Membership to Redwood Swim Club. Then relax and make the most of your Summer.
Relax this Summer at Redwood Swim Club.
Relax this Summer at Redwood Swim Club.
Make plans now to refresh and relax this summer at Redwood Swim Club. Enjoy the benefits of a private swim and tennis club.
Redwood from Above
Redwood from Above
Redwood Swim Club is conveniently located at 8560 Ravenna Road in Twinsburg Township and is easily accessible from Aurora, Hudson, Twinsburg, and surrounding communities.
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Redwood Swim Team is established primarily as a recreational swim team program. The goals are: to provide an organized, recreational aquatic activity for the summer; to introduce youngsters to a low-key competitive swimming situation; to allow all swimmers a fair chance to participate in a meaningful way; to build endurance and improve skill; and, to provide a variety of children (age, skill, experience) an opportunity to work together toward a common goal.

Redwood Swim Team is open to all member children to age 18. Some swimmers start on the team as early as ages 5 & 6, but most start at age 7 or later. Some practice time is devoted to the instruction of proper stroke technique, but swim team practice is not a substitute for swim lessons. The Redwood staff recommends that any child unable to swim the length of the pool at the conclusion of the first week of practice postpone participation with the swim team for a season. Redwood Swim Team participates in the Akron Metropolitan Swim Association (AMSA) - a league chartered to foster a sense of teamwork through competitive recreational swimming without grueling practices or strict standards of performance. However, due to the large number and the wide variety in skill of swimmers expected to participate on the Redwood Swim Team, we can make no promise that all swimmers will be able to participate on an equal level at all meets. Although every reasonable effort will be made to qualify each swimmer for the AMSA Championship Meet, we can make no promise that all swimmers qualified to compete at the Championship Meet will be included in the line-up for that meet.

Many team members introduced to competitive swimming through Redwood have gone on to participate in area year-round aquatic clubs. We look forward to the return of those swimmers, and to the participation of the swimmers who return each summer simply for the fun, exercise and recreation of Redwood Swim Team. We also look forward to new participants eager to try our summer swim team!

The Redwood Swim Team and AMSA Meet schedule for 2016. All three Pools close at 5:00PM for home swim meets. All three pools remain open during away swim meets. Additional non-league meets may be scheduled at a later date. Non-league meets are usually scheduled for Saturday morning, which may or may not affect opening time.


              May 31 - June 3 Evening Practices

  • June 06 - Regular practice begins
  • June 13 - Home vs.Fairlawn Swim & Tennis
  • June 16 - Home vs. Hudson Park Estates
  • June 20 - Away vs. Maplewood
  • June 23 - Home vs. Chadd’s Ford
  • June 27 - Away vs. Life Center Plus
  • June 30 - Home vs. Silver Lake Country Club
  • July 07 - "Away" vs. Cuyahoga Falls Aquatic Club*
         *Cuy Falls Aquatic Club meet will be held at Redwood
  • July 11 - Rain Date
  • July 14 - “B” Championships at Life Center Plus?
  • July 16 or 17? - Swim Team Banquet at Redwood
More information about the Banquet to follow

Pools close at 5:00PM for home meets and the Team Banquet.